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2017 BULLY KING Magazine Mascot Double L’s Mye-Stro

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2017 BULLY KING Magazine Mascot Double L’s Mye-Stro wasn’t an accident, he wasn’t the result of happen chance.. Mye-Stro is the manifestation of years of hard work, staying true to one’s vision and constant improvement with each generation. Double L Kennels founder Ty Lumley has been producing some of the best bulls in the country for years.

On top of founding a top breeding program, Ty is an ABKC Show Judge and travels the globe doing what he loves best. Whether he’s judging or competing (prior to becoming a Judge) Ty is constantly learning and seeking to improve, he’s never stagnant. He passes on his knowledge of the breed freely to so many in the bully community who have been involved with the breed for less time, or are just humble enough to learn.

From the infamous Grand Champion Beastro X Cleopatra litter came a litter of stand outs, most notably Mye-Stro & littermate Grand Champion Loki

We caught up with Ty in between flights, and the producer, ABKC Judge and fellow dogman provided us with a lot of insights.

The following is from our Interview in Issue №5

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“As far as breeding the biggest influence for me has been the failures of other breeders. I watch everything and I see everything and I try to be as objective about things as possible so when I see what is working and what is not from other breeders and the productions from certain combos I remember what worked and what didn’t.
Jamie Sweet has been a big influence as of late, opening my eyes to what it takes to really get consistent with my breeding program, and what it takes to be an objective, knowledgable judge. In the show ring Rolando Mata, Ron Ramos and Dave Wilson have all in some ways taken me under their wing and guided me though the last 7 years or so. All of these men being accomplished handlers in the ring I guess a guy could have done worse.”

More important than his growing list of accomplishments and accolades in the bully world, Ty Lumley does honest business and does what’s in the best interest of his dogs, the breed and his customers. He isn’t afraid to pull punches, and tells it how it is. He’ll also take the time with you if you’re willing to learn, and educates on his BullNAChinaShop podcast so make sure you tune in.

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