• If thats what my dog would look like after drinking that they can keep it 

  • Well I guess we won't be seeing one of these dogs in your life. Too bad they are good dogs.

  • I don't knock what anybody like but these dogs are genetically bred with problems .ppl I know that breed these dogs, the dogs never stand long always are breathing heavy and you have a dog with about 50lbs or more weight with 2 inch legs.thats a recipe for disaster in my opinion....

  • Why is everyone being hard on this product, isn't the look of the dog have more to do with the genes of the parents. I thought the guys are looking for this look, or is the results of the product?

    • The product has very little to do with how these dogs look. My problem is them using and praising such dysfunctional dogs for product publicity.

      • I have a pocket pit bull and she is very functional. Again I think it has everything to do with breeding. I also have an XL as well as a working line pitbull all females and they play together with no issues of getting around.

  • Wow so sad i wonder if they feel any pain ? I assume eventually there joints start to hurt really bad as they get older?
  • I guess it's the new dyne for the exotic community
  • I saw somebody advertising this crap on Facebook
  • Sad to see that little guy In that shape.its not cool nothing about him is cool
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