ByB breed

Hey everyone new to this website I got my pup 9 weeks out of a litter of 13 pups. I believe he is the the 3rd litter from the parents. Besides both parents being white and big dogs there is nothing special about them. Anyways to sum this up I’m trying to get my puppy here to be a legitimate dog when he breeds and not just another BYB dog. Any ideas on how to do this would be awesome.Picture is of him when I got him at 9 weeks. He weighed 11 pounds he is now 13 weeks and almost 16 pounds. He starts his transition to bully max foods tomorrow.

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  • I won’t neuter him but I’ll keep him as my best friend
  • Are either of the parents registered with any dog registry???

    • I’m honestly not sure
      • If he is not registered neuter him and let him be a pet. If you want a show dog , buy a show quality dog from a showing kennel.
  • How much you pay for him
    • He was given to me from a relative of mine for a birthday gift.
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