Teams with dog mascots should play each other more often. On Saturday night, No. 17 Mississippi State played No. 11 Georgia in Athens, two teams who both have bulldogs as mascots. Both teams had live bulldogs on the sidelines during the game, too. Adorably, these two dogs were put right next to each other and it was the cutest dang thing ever.

Georgia’s mascot, Uga, is on the left, and Mississippi State’s mascot named Bully is on the right. Both of them are English Bulldogs, but Uga is a white English Bulldog. Uga X is in his second season as Georgia’s mascot, with a 10-3 record so far. Mississippi State’s is named Jak, he’s the son of Champ, the last Bully for Mississippi State.

A couple of years ago, we ranked all 28 college dog mascots, giving all of them a No. 1 ranking because they are all very, very good dogs!

Seriously, this picture is the cutest thing ever and I need ESPN to show me more footage of these two very good dogs for the rest of the night. Thank you to the two people holding their leashes for giving us this adorable moment.

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