Quick Facts

The Bulldog has a distinctive walk: a loose-jointed, shuffling, sidewise roll.

Many Bulldogs breathe in a labored fashion and it’s often difficult for their bodies to dissipate heat.

Bulldogs can’t swim. Their massive head, solid torso and short legs limit their ability to stay above water. If you have a pool, spa or pond on your property, limit your Bulldog’s access to it.

The Bulldog’s smooth coat can be brindle, solid white, solid red, fawn or fallow, or piebald.

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  • I was just talking to someone this week about how bulldogs can't swim. The guy thought all dogs could swim. Unfortunately human got involved and messed up this breed. The result was a dog that can't swim. Can't breathe well, and have difficulty with natural reproduction.

    • Then you have to ask yourself what's the purpose of the breed
      • The dog no longer has a purpose in my opinion. It is not functional for a real purpose. If I had to choose a purpose the only one I can think is companion.

        • And they're still selling for top dollars
          • Yes , that's because of the ignorance of the general public. They believe that look is natural. They have no knowledge of functions. They believe if cost a lot it is of high value.

            I can take two dogs from any litter and advertise them. Then give the best dog a low price and the weaker dog a high price. The weaker dog will have more offers. The public will assume it's better, exotic, rare, and or unique because it costs more.
  • Great facts
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