So a while back I seen a video of somebody claiming to have the world's smallest Pitbull or bully whatever he called it I'm here to set the record straight this female in my hands is way smaller than that female so he can not have the world's smallest bullyShe goes by the name of Love Bug I consider her a American micro bully why would I consider that becauseReason number one1 she does not look exotic nor does she has a smashed muzzle like every other dog2 she has the standards of the American Bully3 she is a healthy dog with no breathing problems4 she's able to walk on her own for long period of timeI am not claiming to have the smallest in the world but what I do have is a clean American micro bully video will be coming soon thank you and please share on every social media lolFB_IMG_1494204199497.jpgFB_IMG_1493856545731.jpgFB_IMG_1494204189332.jpgIMG_1494276034226.jpg

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