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  • <img style='display: block;' alt='IMG_20170805_124755.png' src='' /> King Louie at 11 months
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  • What's up bully fam new to the group from Chicago
    • Nothing much just chilling
  • Looking for some bad shemales to take my boy too.  He is 10 months old on the 7th of august.  I know thats a little young but im looking to plan ahead.  He is an inbred dual grch soultrain son.  He is pocket as they come and has a lot of drive.  Just testing this out to see what the boards are still like these days.

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    What's up bully fam Dreamer UKC registered 2Xs Demon Up for stud if interested get at me
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    What up Bully Fam? New to the group, here's a shot of my boy Mason
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