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May 19
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May 19
Weirdanimalboy replied to Josh meza's discussion my 5 Month old bully has bloody paws.
"I don't know if you've posted a video or not, but I suspect your pup may be "flat-footed" or "duck footed". It can cause your pup to drag his feet, instead of walking on his toes like a normal dog."
Mar 31
Weirdanimalboy replied to ruben's discussion Looks like breeding trash pays lol
"I guess he did work hard. There's absolutely no way you could breed trash like this on accident."
Mar 26
Weirdanimalboy replied to unknown's discussion Exotic done right or just a Bulldog with a crop ears?
"I ain't saying nothing until I see him from the side."
Mar 26
Weirdanimalboy replied to Tiffany's discussion Bully Dogs Getting Uglier And Uglier
"A shame his blog isn't up anymore"
Mar 26
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Feb 28
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What. The. Fuck.
Feb 26
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Feb 17
Weirdanimalboy replied to M. Vernon Heath's discussion Ears and Tails.............
"Droopy eared dogs are more likely to get ear infections due to dark, moist environment a floppy ear provides for bacteria. It's why the ears of wild dog species prick up quickly. Docked tails can hinder balance as well as social cues to other dogs.…"
Feb 11
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This dog was a very popular stud from the 1930s, if you go back far enough you'll find him in a large amount of pedigrees.
Jan 22
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The Boxer is supposed to be a working breed btw
Jan 20
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Jan 14
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Jan 4
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Dec 21, 2016
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Dec 11, 2016

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