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Weirdanimalboy replied to ruben's discussion Here is More Garbage at a show
"Poor dog. Looks like she took a karate chop to the spine."
Jul 12
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Jul 11
Weirdanimalboy replied to Kwiet Storm's discussion THE BIGGEST SHOW TO EVER HIT THE EAST COAST!!!...WAR OF THE EXOTICS!!!
"War of the exotics? What are they gonna do? Blow hot breath on the enemy so they die of heatstroke?"
Jun 7
Weirdanimalboy replied to Tiffany's discussion R.I.P Lucky Dax
"People need to start screening dogs instead of breeding anything with a pulse. And stop putting such a large amount of mass on short legs, it makes it harder for the dog to dissipate heat and takes more energy to move."
Jun 7
Weirdanimalboy replied to Shottah's discussion Check out this trash at an Abkc show
"Ahaha. Pocket front, XL ass."
Jun 7
Weirdanimalboy replied to Tiffany's discussion R.I.P Lucky Dax
"I hate to be insensitive, but I'd like more details on this death. Dax offspring are dropping like flies and no one seems to care or ask why."
Jun 7
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May 19
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May 19
Weirdanimalboy replied to Josh meza's discussion my 5 Month old bully has bloody paws.
"I don't know if you've posted a video or not, but I suspect your pup may be "flat-footed" or "duck footed". It can cause your pup to drag his feet, instead of walking on his toes like a normal dog."
Mar 31
Weirdanimalboy replied to ruben's discussion Looks like breeding trash pays lol
"I guess he did work hard. There's absolutely no way you could breed trash like this on accident."
Mar 26
Weirdanimalboy replied to Derreck's discussion Exotic done right or just a Bulldog with a crop ears?
"I ain't saying nothing until I see him from the side."
Mar 26
Weirdanimalboy replied to Tiffany's discussion Bully Dogs Getting Uglier And Uglier
"A shame his blog isn't up anymore"
Mar 26
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Feb 28
Weirdanimalboy posted a photo
What. The. Fuck.
Feb 26
Weirdanimalboy posted a photo
Feb 17
Weirdanimalboy replied to M. Vernon Heath's discussion Ears and Tails.............
"Droopy eared dogs are more likely to get ear infections due to dark, moist environment a floppy ear provides for bacteria. It's why the ears of wild dog species prick up quickly. Docked tails can hinder balance as well as social cues to other dogs.…"
Feb 11

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